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Nurturing Skills for Life
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Who We Are

The Cosmic Foundation was founded in 2018 by Peg Botto, Owner and Operator of Cosmic Cafe and Catering. Peg has a background in Human Services as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional and holds both Business and Culinary degrees. Peg and her staff hire and train employees who have developmental disabilities, who are evaluated in many areas to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Most staff start out with cleaning and dishwashing duties. As each employee masters these skills, additional tasks are introduced as per their ability.

Our Vision

The Cosmic Foundation is looking to the future to not only train for our café but to help employees transition to other job markets and companies.

Peg’s vision is to open a health conscience neighborhood establishment with upstairs apartments to further instruct not only marketable employment skills but also essential life skills.

Success Stories


Peg hired Tarah through a culinary program at Philabundance as a dishwasher in 2008. Through the years, she has learned to complete breakfast and lunch orders, customer service, and baking. Along with these skills came a new-found self-confidence and increased socialization.


Tyheed lives in the neighborhood and stopped by one day in 2013 to ask for a job. He was hired as a dishwasher but progressed because of his attention to detail. Peg taught Tyheed how to use the juicing machines and he has taken off since then. Tyheed experiments with new juice flavors. He has learned breakfast and lunch prep and provides excellent customer service.

Our Mission

To assist people living with disabilities to learn, in a supportive environment, the necessary skills for meaningful employment and a fulfilling life.

Contact Cosmic Foundation

219 E Fifth Avenue, Conshohocken PA 19428


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